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Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The course is also designed for those who wish to further support their undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business; or change of career into Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

Our Graduates are able to to join and excel in various supply chain related careers in any service or manufacturing field. It is a qualification that equips students with skills and knowledge in many areas such as purchasing and inventory control, freight and warehouse management and much more.

Course Duration

Full-Time (Local & International Students)
6 Months Study + 6 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

Part-Time (Local Students)
9 Months Study + 6 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

Teacher Student Ratio


Modes & Methods of Delivery

  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Question & Answers
  • Assignments
  • Class Activities
  • Role Play
  • Projects


Examination is conducted at the end of each module.

The pre-requisites for Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Students must have attained Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management or equivalent; and
  • Pass in English in GCE ‘O’ level or equivalent; or
  • Minimum 1 year working experience in related fields for Part-time Students.

Other qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Local Students


Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
6 Months Study (Full-Time) + 6 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)


Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
9 Months Study (Part-Time) + 6 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

International Students


Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
6 Months Study + 6 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

Miscellaneous Notes

  • All fees stated are inclusive of 9% GST
  • All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Application Fee of SGD$305.20 is payable to STEi Institute Pte. Ltd. This fee is non-refundable under all circumstances Student can make payment via TT, bank draft or cheque.

Medical Insurance Scheme

STEi hereby confirms and undertakes to students that it has in place a medical insurance scheme for all its students.

Fee Protection Scheme

STEi provides fee protection scheme for all students as required by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) and is aligned with the EduTrust requirements.

Our appointed FPS provider is Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd.

All course fees are payable to “STEi Institute Pte Ltd” account with DBS Bank in Singapore (Account No. : 003-909401-9).

LSC2001 – Supply Chain Management

To understand the impact of supply chain management on the competitive success and profitability of the organization; the influence of integrated supply chains on the other major functional activities of the organization; and the major challenges faced in implementing supply chain management strategy and approaches for meeting these challenges.

LSC2002 – Transport Management

To understand the role and management of different forms of transportation in the supply chain and economy. The unit focuses on the participant’s ability to develop sound, comprehensive strategic plans, and translate these into an operational plan that will produce the desired outcomes for both the transport contractor and the customer.

LSC2003 – Purchasing & Materials Management

To introduce the field of purchasing and materials management, its concepts, interfaces with other functional areas of business and the roles of purchasing and materials management in business.

LSC2004 – Warehousing and Distribution

The course aims to demonstrate and understand the relationships among warehousing, distribution and other elements in the supply chain, focusing on warehouse effectiveness, distribution and customer service commitments. To apply the knowledge of warehousing processes and systems to variety of warehouse situation and to redesign its operations to achieve a more cost effective process. The focus of this unit is to equip participants with knowledge of systems, operating procedures, basic costs and assessment techniques, so that they can contribute to the development of their own facilities and achieve competitive performance.

LSC2005 – Strategic Management

To develop an understanding of the environment in which organizations operate and an ability to identify the strategic implications of that environment. Students will also understand the needs for organizations to align their resources, values and strategies with the environment, and the methods which can be used to do this effectively.

LSC2006 – Industrial Attachment (IA)

The coverage of the Industrial Attachment allows students to equip them with an understanding of the nature of the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry in a Practical and Operational aspect. Students are expected to undergo Industrial Attachment for a period of 6 Months.

Industrial Attachment is a compulsory and integral module of the Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Course. In the event that a student is unable to participate in the Industrial Attachment Module due to circumstances beyond the control of STEi Institute; the student will be provided as a last resort, to successfully complete the Project Work to be considered for graduation from course and be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

In order to be conferred the course award, the student must achieve a pass for STEi Examination, and at least 75% of class attendance. Student’s Pass Holders are required to maintain a class attendance of 90% and above.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management awarded by STEi Institute, the student is eligible to apply with advanced standing to our partnered universities.