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Getting to Campus - STEi Institute

STEi Institute is located in the centre of the city and is highly accessible by public transport. There are various MRT stations that are easily accessed from the campus. Local buses offer a frequent and convenient way of travelling to and from campus. There are regular bus services to the campus.

Corporate Office

Drop by our office.

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10 Anson Road
International Plaza, #21-14
Singapore 079903

Email :

Tel: (65) 6559 2896

8.30am – 5.30pm (Mon-Fri)
Closed on Sat, Sun and public holidays

Pastoral Counselling

Competitiveness, bullying, social exclusion, family crisis, scholastic under-achievement, abuse, peer pressure, substance mis-use and racism are some of the problems which can be assisted with the support of counselling. All students can access the services of a Counselling Officer for issues pertaining to academic performance; anxiety and any other issues which may hinder them from making a smooth transition from school to a work environment.

The Counselling Officer shall implement safeguards to assure that personal information about individual students is shared among staff only to the extent necessary to ensure the safety and effective provision of services to students, and no further. Personal counselling records shall be treated as confidential documents.

Counselling Officer

Eleanor Tan
Manager, Academic
Tel: (65) 6559 2893

Main Contacts

If you are looking for a specific person or department at STEi Institute, you can contact them below.


Ily Heida Binte Mohamed Hanafi
Manager, Academic
Tel: (65) 6559 2897

Sales & Marketing

Chaman Lal
Tel: (65) 6559 2895


Liaison Officer (Sri Lanka)
Tel: (65) 6559 2890


Amy Dinh
Liaison Officer (Vietnam)
Tel: (65) 6559 2894