About STEi  /  Vision, Mission, Values & Culture

Our Vision

To be the preferred Private Education Institution (PEI) of choice.

Our Mission

STEi will offer high quality, cost-effective and relevant courses to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Emblem

STEi Institute Pte Ltd is the new name for the former well-reputed STET Institute Pte Ltd. Despite the rebranding and new name, there is some identity retention from the former company STET Institute by maintaining the original black color and typography for continual recognition.

The “little red dot” represents Singapore, where the origins and roots of the company lie, present the company in credibility and good reputation.

The stylized “i” add movement represent the dynamic essence and lifestyle of the company. The color blue as well as the letter, is often used as an information icon that can be found in many places.

This is also reflective in the logo, allowing STEi to be identified in having a wealth of information which is essential as a education learning institute.


Pursuit of Excellence
To be the best in all we do, continually striving for the highest professional standards achievable.

Being committed to the organisation, to one another and to our customers, at all times. Striving for cohesiveness and caring for one another.

Creative, being open to embrace change. Encourage, nurture ideas and initiatives to better organisational and individual performance.

Be responsible and take accountability seriously; be reliable and dependable to the team.

Ethics & Integrity
Be a role model in character and conduct; uphold STEi’s ethical standards.


Shared sense of purpose and values that is consistent across all members of STEi.

Emphasising importance of staff learning and focusing on continuous improvement in STEi.

Accentuating sense of responsibility for students’s learning.

Recognition of staff members’ excellent effort and celebrating their successes.

Collegial and collaborative relationships among staff members.

Harnessing strengths through professional development, staff reflection, and sharing of best practices.